external image 3bin.gif
This portable bin provides a convenient way to compost yard materials. It fits well in small
spaces and may be used either as a holding bin or as a portable turning unit. To turn the pile,
harvest finished compost or build a new pile, simply undo the latches, pull the sides apart and
move it. When turning the pile, transfer the existing composting materials into the empty bin at
its new location.
Cost: Less than $100 to build using new materials, less if recycled materials are used.
Capacity: Holds 1 cu yd or 8 to 10 30 gal bags of yard materials
• 4 12-foot cedar or non-arsenic pressure treated 2x4s
• 12 ft ½" hardware cloth, 36" wide
• 100 1½" galvanized No. 8 wood screws
• 4 3” galvanized butt door hinges
• 150 poultry wire staples or power stapler
• 1 10 oz. tube exterior wood adhesive
• 4 large hook and eye gate latches
• Hand saw and chisel, radial arm saw with dado
blade, circular saw or table saw
• Hammer
• Screwdriver
• Tin snips
• Caulking gun
• Pencil
• Small carpenter's square
• Eye and ear protection